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The integrated version control solution for SQL Server objects!

What is SQLSourceSafe?
SQLSourceSafe is the right version control solution for SQL Server database development projects. SQLSourceSafe Integrates with both SQL Server and Visual SourceSafe, providing an effective and effortless SQL code version control management system for individuals and project teams to manage SQL Server database objects. It also provides a development platform for developers to work on and execute their SQL objects and scripts.

With SQLSourceSafe, users exercise code version control functions over SQL Server database objects (tables, stored procedures, user defined functions, views, triggers, indexes/keys, and constraints) as they manage regular files and projects. These SQL objects are archived and labeled, so that users can compare different versions, recover from an undesired writing-over of objects, or roll back to a previous release. Users can use SQLSourceSafe’s code editor and query analyzer to design tables, edit SQL scripts, and execute SQL statements. Advanced users can also use SQLSourceSafe to manage concurrent source code development on different databases or deploy archived SQL Server database to different computers.

Who needs SQLSourceSafe?
Any project team or developers doing development work on SQL Server. If you are serious about project management philosophy, care for good software quality, or want to increase team productivity, SQLSourceSafe is the right tool that you have been looking for!

What do I do from there?
Get SQLSourceSafe NOW! If you are not version-controlling your code in SQL Server now, do it today! You can either download the free evaluation version or purchase a licensed copy. Also, please write to us with your thoughts and concerns, so that we can make better products and services for you!

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